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Facebook Down!

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 CGK    2,639

I don't have a Facebook, but #Facebookdown is number 1 trending on twitter. OMG...some of the tweets are too funny!


Facebook is down. Our street is full of new mums showing pictures of their kids to total strangers...

Twitter, close your borders. Facebook refugees coming this way

Breaking News: #Facebook crash forces public to resort to traditional stalking methods

My neighbour just knocked on my door and told me he is going to Gym, Facebook must be down #facebookdown

Facebook was down so I spent time with my family. They seem like nice people. #facebookdown

How long is Facebook gonna be down? I need to share a photo of my posh food before it goes cold! So effin inconsiderate

you guys might find #facebookdown funny, but every time facebook goes down, the chances of your aunt signing up for twitter skyrocket

Twitter has agreed to take in all Facebook refugees :D

For all those effected by #facebookdown just text me & I'll let u know what I'm eating, how the moon looks, and how much I lifted at the gym
#FacebookDown Can't send my next door neighbour Candy Crush invites, so I've resorted to throwing Skittles at him through his front window
Yo #Markzuckerberg !! Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?? #facebookdown
We're all huddled on Twitter like its the fire assembly point during a drill. Can we go back inside yet? #Facebookdown
Amid fears of global unrest, twitter agrees to take in up to 500,000 Facebook refugees.
I'm walking throughout NAIROBI , shouting my status updates at random people. #facebookdown
Laughing about Facebook being down then realising Instagram and Tinder are down too... #FacebookDown
I just gave Facebook a courtesy call to let them know #Facebookdown I'm thinking its more than someone tripping over the power cable.
People are poking me in the street, and putting selfies in my face demanding I like it. #facebookdown
Facebook is down. Millions of underage mothers worldwide now have to raise their babies instead of posting updates about them #facebookdown
6,17 & 18 year olds welcome to the 1990's were we had no facebook as we used out mouth for communication rather than facebook #facebookdown



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 Ukshep    21,333

Its been down for a lengthy time its strange! not seen downtime like this in a while and i only use it for business.

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