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Revelation 11:8 (Warning, Religious Zone Ahead)

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Put this in off topic as it is more a quick sermon than a conspiracy, but as I will say, knowledge ties together. Let's look at a small piece shall we (You don't have to...but then, why did you click the link?):

And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

There's two arguements made against the Scripture, two main anyways. First, it's too hard to understand. Writen in a way that makes the'Greatest Story Ever Told' not exciting enough for this media saturated generation. The second, is that the Bible is inaccurate. That it makes claims that simply arn't true.

I will address both of these, and what God was telling you in Rev 11:8

Let's start with the Word, as anything outside of that, is just a man (me) interupting. 

This scripture is calling out the destruction of the false nation of Israel. How do we know? Well, thanks to God not making things as mysterious as people would claim He does, he tells you right at the end of the sentence where He is talking about. Where they crucified our Lord. Where was that? https://www.gci.org/Jesus/golgotha

To save ya a link click, it was outside Jerusalem. The Great City. 

So, what are we talking about here? The answer is in the scriputre, it says that the great city is occupied by the spirits of Sodom and Egypt. What is the spirits of Sodom and Egypt?

Well, Sodom is known for butt sex. Doesn't take a scholor to know that. And Egypt, was known for it's false gods and how the jewish tribes of the time chased after them, not retreated. 

Let's look at Israel today. Namely, Jerusalem. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Israel

Now if that were all, it wouldn't be complete. But let's look at Egypt now, or the spirit of atleast. Remember, Egypt is the represenative of following false gods. Now let's look at what the Bible says about the return of the true Jew to the promised land. In Isaih, it says in chapter 43:5-6 it will be God who calls his people to return. None can withhold it, none can stop it. It is, after all, His will.

There was a gathering into Israel, but was it done by the Spirit of the Lord, or the Spirit of Egypt? Let's look at it for a moment. God says he will do this return by His own hand, and the nations will marvel, because frankly, that level of supernatural intervention is not commonly seen.

Is that what the UN did? Or, prehaps, the UN is the spirit of Egypt. It certainly creates a pyramid and god-like structure (similar to Olympus), where 5 nations rule them all (and one cabal above them all, as Zues). It certainly does not follow after the Lord, but promotes man as God, as did the Egyptians with their pharohs and great persons. 

We needn't look past the Word for the answer.

Revelation 3:9 - Behold! I will make them a synoguoge of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie. Behold! I will come and make them worship before thy feet, and to know I loved thee.

Starting to clarify, ain't it? See, God allowed the formation of this false nation. And before I get the hate (already there, i know e.e) I do not think everyone in the state of israel is a satanist. I don't. 98% of em are real deal, God fearing and loving converts to Judiasm. But as i've state before on other threads, it only takes one asshat to spoil the whole bunch. And that is what we have here. The same Synagogue that killed the Christ, is now running the show in Israel. And we can prove it, with how she acts. 

We see it after Solomon, son of David. Those who came next sold the nation out, trading Gold for Bronze. They built idols to false gods, and they whored after all the nations of the earth. It's true. After Solomon, that nation was a wreck ho, straight up. 

Now how does this modern Israel act? Is she secure because of God's protection, or because of Mystery Babalyon (USA, and I say that loving my nation and praying we don't maintain that crown)? Does Israel show the love and compassion of the Lord, the wealth and sharing she did under David and Solomon? Or is she kinda greedy now? Taking what she can, and burying anyone that disagrees? 

In scripture, it says to bless Israel, and pray for her peace. I do, but not that counterfit. I pray for real peace, not a false Zionist utopia where your race determs your worth. 

Chris Claremont was a brilliant writer of the X-Men for three decades. What am doing? Keep up, and you'll see. See, as a person who is a bit familar with how abuse breeds abuse, I get Magento. Some people be like, "How he act like Hitler after going through all that?". The answer is abuse breeds abuse. He was afraid, and did what he did because he knew how dark shit gets. This is modern Israel. So shook by the events of history, that there's no way she would ever yield, lest be holocausted. That I can relate too, head like a hole, black as your soul I'd rather die, than give you control. Totally agree. 

But CC went the extra mile, he brought realative understanding, and true human emotion and action to what before was a lame attempt at recapturing Doc Doom's awesome. I will do the same with this long strung analogy. See, Zionism is Magneto. In it's mind, it believe it to be right. That there are historical moments that justify hate, and intolerance. Chris made it to where you could see Zionism not as the bad guy, or the good guy, but simply as someone relatable. 

And finally, the connection. Zionism acts like Nazism because of the wound the Nazis left on the Zionist. Abuse bred abuse. Made a Magento. You want to be part of the solution instead of always bitching about the problem, you gotta pull a Professor X, and forgive em' for it, while trying to educate them why it's wrong to persicute. This is the lesson a simple comic book writer taught me, and I hope you get the message too. Since this is such a touchy subject, I doubt it will be appericate by my world wide audience (over 8000 and counting), but if even one person reads this, and gets it instead of throwing hate blinders on, then just as the social programs of America today, it was worth every tax dollar spent in my humble eyes. 

That's me believing I covered the first dispute of the bible, that it's hard to understand. A man can literally make it a cartoon and children understand.

So, we get to "Bible Inaccuracy", that all that was alot of hogwash. But let's see how 'inaccurate" the bible really is: http://www.icr.org/biblical-record

Also, feel free to disagree, and bring forth valid points and questions. I already know i don't have all the answers, and if I thought I did, I wouldn't hang out with other free thinkers, I'd run a church! (Burn! See how a made fun of modern religion there. Awesome e.e)

God bless and may the Force be with you, always.

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I don't see the US qualifying in every detail as Babylon. But Jews in their homeland in unbelief is exactly what the Bible predicted. Seven years of judgment remain for them, and they have to be in unbelief for that to happen. So regardless of the reasons modern Israel was established, God predicted it thousands of years before the fact. The time between 70 a.d. and 1948 was when people started inventing new interpretations of prophecy, since they were convinced that a literal Israel would never again exist in its ancient homeland. But this happened against all odds, and is a key prophetic marker.

There is a lot of hatred of Jews here and elsewhere, but that too is predicted. One passage is Psalm 83, where Israel's immediate neighbors plot to wipe it off the map and erase it from memory. This may be connected to the prophecy against Damascus, which will be wiped out. And these two prophecies lead to that of Isaiah 38-39, where the wider area from eastern Europe to northern Africa all come against Israel, but for different reasons: to take a spoil from a nation that is recovering from war. Somewhere in all of that is when the 7-year peace treaty is signed, signaling the start of the final 7 years of judgment known as The Tribulation.

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 Malevolent    2,933

As a rule I do not post or get involved in religion or religious discussions.  I just thought this is a great video and some may find it cool!



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That was beautiful FA, thank you. I didn't quote because i didn't want to freeze the thread with multi video posts. I know, you guys got tech that handles that, me not so much. But bottom line, that song was awesome and I thank you for breaking your rule for this moment.

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