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Sky Cat

Face-Reading AI can Detect Your Political and Sexual Orientation

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 Sky Cat    1,124

Face-Reading AI can Detect Your Political and Sexual Orientation

Opinions about facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence are all over the place. The combination of these two powerful technologies can lead to amazing and disastrous consequences. Stanford University professor Michal Kosinski predicts a face-reading AI will be able to detect your IQ and even political orientation. This is a very unsettling piece of technology, if successful.

Face-reading AIs can Become a big Problem

On paper, it makes a lot of sense to combine facial recognition technology with artificial intelligence. From a security point of view, it would allow law enforcement agencies to track criminals or suspects in a more accurate manner, rather than following clues left behind. However, from a privacy point of view, these technologies should never be combined. Or at least until proper laws are drafted to ensure this “unholy marriage” does not result in invading consumer privacy.

Stanford University professor Michal Konsinki sees an interesting, but frightening future ahead when these two technologies meet. In his opinion, artificial intelligence will – at some point – be able to detect one’s sexual orientation based on photos. That statement caused a fair amount of fireworks across social media, as people were not too pleased about that. Then again, there is virtually nothing these combined technologies would not be able to determine, which makes this whole ordeal a lot scarier than people give it credit for.

Kosinski went even further by suggesting how a face-reading artificial intelligence would be able to determine other aspects about one’s personal life. For example, it would – in theory – be possible to successfully determine one’s political inclination. Since politics are always a topic of substantial controversy in the United States, such a tool would be quite valuable to the right individuals. The same technology can be used to determine people’s IQs, criminal behavior, and some other very personal aspects.

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:nodl:  It's all in the face.  I could have told them that (but won't.)  [They don't need to know the details, though, because the AI will work it out.]  In fact I know the secrets.  Nope, not telling.

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 kbet    722

This would be most amussing to toy with though. Sounds like the Proff. has been watching too much anime:


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