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Anti Industrialization Argument

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 AceMan    24

"The point is that the inventor has no control over the eventual use to which the invention is put. There will always be other people who find uses for the invention which the original inventor did not foresee. The inventor may well not approve of these new uses, and consider that they subvert or undermine the inventor's noble or altruistic intentions and damage his or her reputation. Alternatively, it may turn out that the alternative applications are far more financially rewarding than the original purpose, and simply leave the inventor feeling "cheated" out of a fair reward for their invention."



That is the most bogus argument about how bad industrialization is, that I have ever heard of.

The founders of the industrial revolution knew that it would change the lives of the people, they knew that it would bring the end to horses, and bring about trains, busses, automobiles, ships, engines, and with it coming the Airplanes... and electricity...

They knew that people would be driving cars as opposed to using a horse.

They knew that people would be making steel, as opposed to cutting wood.

They knew there would be businesses, they were businesses themselves.


So that right there is the stupidest line of SHIT that I heard of yet.

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