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Supporting the poor

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 AceMan    24

Law, Policy or Culture                                      Voting Class                                              Race                                                  Party



Proposition 8, to Ban same sex Marriage                 Poor                                        Black / Hispanic / White           Black / Hispanic Democrats, and White Republicans

The Texas bans on Abortion                                     Poor                                        Hispanic and White                  Hispanic Democrats and White Republicans

Over-Regulatory policies based on religion              Middle                                                     White                                                Democrat

Unsustainable Taxation and pure Gift policies         Poor                                                      Rainbow                              Socialists caucusing as Democrats

Policies designed to keep outdated Jobs                 Middle                                                 White / Black                        Communists caucusing as Democrats


The short lived ban on large fountain colas          Non Voting consensus                          White Politician                                    Democrat


Habitual dependency upon Religion                          Poor                                                    Rainbow                Both Democrats and Republicans depending on Race





So you tell me, why I should be in such a hurry to support such people ?

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 AceMan    24

You need a job? .I need a computer programmer that knows how to program and maintain a server the size of a building.

I don't need somebody to fasten bolts anymore.



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