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Alcoholic should have been in Hospice care

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 AceMan    24



One thing I don't understand about people in Ryan's condition...  Why do they think that they would survive being in such bad shape ?

I don't mean to sound heartless...
But if I was the doctor, this is what I would have done.

"Mister Rogers, Based on the battery of medical tests that have been conducted, it is my professional opinion that it is too late for you, you are going to die if you go to rehab to try to get yourself off of alcohol, your body is just simply too far damaged... if you go to rehab, you will die in there....
So what I'm going to offer you is a choice of two things... A you can keep right on drinking and live out the rest of your days happy, or  B...you can go into hospice and die in peace, and without pain, Or Option C,  you can go to rehab and try to get off of the alcohol, against my informed advice, and you will die there,  which one do you want?"

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