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Rejecting alcohol

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 AceMan    24

My sister asked me if I would go to the bar with her, and have a few beers.
I rejected it.
She asked me why.

So I said...
Because your drinking habits have damaged your organs as it is, that's bad enough.
It doesn't need to become my problem next.

So Then she starts yelling about how I'm not supposed to think like that at just 29, so then I said, not only do I think like that at just 29 years old...
I learned it the easy way, when I was just 12 years old.

And you're 46, so what's your excuse ?
She got really mad.

Either way...the last thing I need to be conned out of by you is my health too.

Then she says  "Oh Please."

So I replied with  "Oh Please What ?  What is this Oh Please stuff ?   Oh please doc I need some chemo?  is that what that is ?"


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