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Prey on the Freeway

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From the California Native Entities and Bigfoot Group


I'll tell you a true story about what secretly happened during the time of the East Bay Rioting that shut down a main stretch of freeway back in December of 2014:

Oakland, California

Demonstrators poured out onto the busy Bay Area freeway of Hwy 24. The melee was a pleasureful sight of a few dark figures that stood off in the shadows. These smokey forms went unnoticed but were felt pretty strong as their presents fed the minds of individuals fueled with rage. Their minds were easy prey to these dark beings who stealthily urged them, lured them to run into traffic on the freeways. The frustration of tired commuters just wanting to reach their destinations built up more negative energy for these controllers.

Authorities were outnumbered and unsure of how to quell this unruly crowd. This too made pleasure for these dark beings. They had a Boss--the oldest of them all. He was darkest, meanest, and directing every thought as calculating as a brain surgeon's delicate technique. They were operating on the mind from the inside. The Boss had long braids, dark glasses, slicked black hair, and wore the night like a cloak. Hidden from everyone and everything, this Boss and his comrades were enjoying what they saw. They were also selecting, choosing a few out of the many who they could attach troubles to. As the chaos dispersed, they looked at each other with gratification and disappeared into the night with approved maliciousness.

There was one night bird out on a hunt for food who saw this. The bird knew where to fly to. In a city of millions of people, it wasn't hard to find the one who could read the message the bird was about to deliver. Even in the city, the old ways are not gone for good. The bird went to a place and told a tree. The old tree knew who to call on the wind. The wind sent whispers in a dream, "Come out to the park. It will be a nice day tomorrow," and a person (who wishes to remain anonymous) heard it. The next day, the person went for a walk in the park and stopped to rest by the old tree. The old tree whispered what the bird said through the wind blowing through its branches. The person heard and went home to pray.

Through prayers, the witness of what the bird saw came through. There's been a vigilant ever since. Some think that spiritual occurrences only happen on reserves and rural areas, that couldn't be further from the truth.

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