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Rabble Rouser Good morning Sunday

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Being a 61 year old Rabble Rouser I am proud of who I am ! All truth seekers should be ! We are that small voice in the corner . It's a great day to be alive ! We are tomorrow's history . Make it well known that this generation tried !

September a Sunday morning I sit here sipping my coffee in a house quieted still because it is early morning the sun has not come up and everyone is still asleep . It is interesting how introspective one can get as they come into the autumn of their years and winter looms . I hear the forlorn crow of the rooster perhaps lamenting the absence of light and sounding out his expectations of its arrival . Solitary reflections on a Sunday morning, mind filled with thoughts of so many things read, seen or felt from so many days prior to this morning . I am truly now at this time and place an island unto myself with a myriad of memories to mull over as I wait for the new day to begin. I have been reading a bunch of things regarding the prognostications of the doomsayers who flood the internet with their predictions . It seems every year as it comes to an end their are those who profess to know about events that mean the end of man and all life as we know it on this thin slice of life where we all abide. Leaving one to wonder until those dread predictions passes whether it be authentic or just a sad bid for attention from someone else whose solitary reflections have spurred them to ridiculous ramblings . The subject of ones life end is a avoided topic and seldom a place where ones goes to give voice to. It truly is the great mystery . For some who consider life, this is it, better get as much as you can out of it because there is nothing at the end of it, or you move on to another life reincarnated to live it out again and again "ugh". Many hold to religions that promise all kinds of things that make one who agonizes over the prospect of mortality live life more peacefully if they hold to their faith . Many hold to the belief they can push their beliefs onto others and in doing so ensure themselves the afterlife they so desperately want to believe exists . Then there are the scientist who strive to unlock the mystery of life because it is mans nature to question what perplexes him. In that particular pursuit men have found all kinds of ways to end life, extend life, enhance life and today with new found technology bring about ultimately the demise of life as we know it ? Which also leaves us with the question is there someone out there going to push that button ? I read about ISIS, Planned Parenthood, Islam, Sharia Law, immigration, race rioting, corrupt leaders (religious and political) and just started reading about CERN . The word is September is it. Hmmm, I don't know . The world as we know it is a mess.Tomorrow is ever a question mark for each of us individually as we live out our lives and move forward in our chosen path to that inevitable end where we might hope for it to play out with some kind of hope, reconciliation or acceptance bringing peace in the end. I personally hold to the belief there is a better place, a better time where we all might abide, this quiets my questions , fear and brings me peace. If you have journeyed with me this far in the meanderings of my mind I pray you peace and goodwill. My cup is empty, there is stirring in the kitchen, must be my daughter getting ready for work . I hope to write something more cheerful in the coming months, if not, do hold fast to the love and hope of the Awakened risen us .

I am not a religous man but I do believe there could be a heaven and when I get there I to will walk barefooted .



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