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10 things never say to someone struggling financially

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No opinion about the article, OP?

While the 10 things seem sensible enough, I found this statement telling: "Shaming the poor for their dietary choices is not limited to far-right wingnuts".  What conservative (aka "far-right wingnut") ever shamed anyone for dietary choices? It's the "far-LEFT wingnuts" who do that; just look at which side is feeding bug-infested husks to public school children.

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 rbear    240

10) “You Can Always Pay with Your Credit Card” (nope , have to rely on shark loans of 240/360% apr payable monthly with collateral as no one will hire me, so I struggle and struggle just to keep my stuff

9) yeah I hear it alot.. (isn’t uncommon to hear a 65-year-old Boomer tell an unemployed or underemployed 25-year-old, in a condescending way, “When I was your age, I was always working.” )

8) overqualified (yeah been starving ever since I graduated, and even before... Only just over broke jobs I got was where they ripped you off anyways.

“You Should Go Back to School”

(college has done nothing for me but get me disqualified from working anywhere because they say "your too educated"

anyhow, I think I have a phd in history and current events/etc from educating myself, and not drinking the corporate cool-aid

6. “Sometimes, You Need to Treat Yourself” (tried that, only got me screwed)

5. “You Should Only Buy Healthy Organic Foods” (with what $?)

4. “At Least You Have Your Health” (nope been going downhill since grade 8, could be better but no one will hire me in order to better myself and only place I can get hired is on internet, which my internet speed doesn't allow because its below minimum government standards which is 20mb/sec fr broadband and I don't even get even 1mbps

3. “There Are Plenty of Jobs Out There” (that I don't have the $ to go to, nor the ones I could, they say "your too educated" then hiring someone less qualified/less educated and pay them instead, yeah great system....

2. “It Must Be Wonderful to Have Some Time Off” (yeah sure, starving, working your ass off on things and having no $, watching life pass you by, while you possess more knowledge than most people, yeah its wonderful (sarcasm)

1. “I Don’t Understand Why You Haven’t Found Another Job By Now” (I get no government aid, they say my parents make too much money and if they assisted me at all, it would make them look bad, so I get fuked more) 







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