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Which Corporations Use Aborted Fetal Cells to Sell You Products

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 rbear    240

Did you know that the Planned Parenthood scandal may hit much closer to home than you realized? Many household names for things like pharmaceuticals, artificial flavors in soft drinks, facial creams, and much more actually use aborted fetal tissue in the making of their product? You will find a list of many of these companies below, and don’t let them fool you into believing they would never do such a thing. After researching the patents of many of these companies and their products, the worst case scenarios were confirmed. If you drink certain soft drinks, bottled waters, enjoy Nestles or Kraft foods, or depending on the lotions you use, this absolutely affects you. 

Perhaps, until now, you might have heard about the under cover videos taken at several Planned Parenthood facilities where “doctors,” or various Planned Parenthood officials were caught red handed discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue, but since you didn’t think it concerned you, you paid it little attention? Perhaps you’ve heard about the videos, but since the issue isn’t particularly relevant in your life, and because you find the mere thought of selling fetal tissue from aborted babies repugnant, you’ve made no effort to find out more about what is going on? Maybe you’ve heard there is a showdown brewing in Congress, but just figured it was more of the same from the Washington Cartel, because after all, when isn’t there a showdown in Congress right?

I’ll keep this as brief as possible, but whether you consider yourself political or not, I hope you’ll pay close attention to this issue in the coming weeks. The facts are indisputable, and we’ll get to those in just a moment. Once you have them, all I ask is that you pay particular attention to how little effort it takes both Obama and Hillary to get in front of a camera and tell what they know are bold faced lies to tens millions of Americans because “it’s for our own good.” That type of behavior has a name, and they are called sociopaths, but for now it doesn’t matter if you are pro-life, or if you are pro-choice; Republican, or Democrat, because what I am about to tell you should enrage you.  etc cont

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