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The EU and the UK

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 AceMan    24

This wouldn't be fair, and to be honest with you, it would only serve to shoot the European Union in the foot, technologically... and it would be quite rotten to do.

But then again, since when has a politician ever gave a shit about fair ? lol


But, out of emotional devastation, and perhaps Jealousy....  how close are the EU politicians to telling the UK...  in regards to their 21st century military developments...  The largest aircraft carrier that Europe has ever known, closer in size to that of Cold War America, than to any other EU Nation....   the Largest, most capable Landing Platform Dock Ships,  Aegis-like destroyers that are larger than anything like it ever made by comparison, in Europe....  the quietest submarines that the nuclear countries ever made in industrial history... 

A New, planned frigate class, with a global radar seeking range....  The M777 Howitzer and the 2nd greatest participation in the F35 program after the USA....  and so and so forth...


To telling the UK that your weapons violate the rules of the EU, so we want you out of the European Union, and for you to go join your technological peers that are not in Europe ?


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