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Mr. Anonymous

Mysterious Iridescent 'End of Times' Cloud Phenomenon Spotted in Costa Rica

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Never seen a cloud like this before.



An iridescent, multi-hued cloud phenomenon was recently spotted in Costa Rica skies, and residents were left awestruck and mystified.

The spectacle in the sky was reported this past Tuesday afternoon in numerous cities including, San Jose, Parrita, Pavas, Escazu and Hatillo. Coincidentally, the sighting occurred on the country's Independence Day.

Many witnesses took to social media to post photos and video of the luminous cloud formation, with some even noting that it looked like an "end of times" scene.

Resident Joey Petit told ABC News today that he and his family were at the playground in Escazu for an Independence Day festival when his 11-year-old son, Ariel Joseph Petit first noticed the strange cloud.

"He immediately grabbed the camera and started taking video and photos," he said. "We were just so amazed. We had no idea what it was and we'd never seen anything like it."

Story Continues Here http://abcnews.go.com/US/mysterious-iridescent-end-times-cloud-phenomenon-spotted-costa/story?id=33834206




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more like HAARP, weather has been changing a lot in CRC..

I wonder if HAARP and CERN are two parts of the same tool.

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