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Classified NASA docs leaked? Asteroid to hit Earth September 28th 2015?!?

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Published on Sep 12, 2015

Exactly 11:13 am Saturday September 12th, an anonymous source came forward with a public forum post that claimed to have classified NASA screenshots. "this was uploaded by NASA by accident but somebody got a screen shot -- discussing asteroid impact" claimed this Canadian Anonymous Coward on www.godlikeproductions.com

So I put on my detective hat and set out to find out if there was any real doom and danger behind these "Classified & Accidentally uploaded NASA documents detailing an asteroid strike in the Gulf of Mexico" resulting in tidal waves and tsunamis.

If you'd like to support my Detective work & awesome videos, please stop by my fundraiser page:


I think this GLP Asteroid Strikes Earth for Total Doom story is a hilarious bust & we might have even solved the puzzle at the end of this rainbow.


Strange days, indeed.


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