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Hook, Line, and WHA?!

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 Sunpar    12


I say, "Hook, line, and sinker NO MORE!"

Many of us have fallen for some gimmick or have followed blindly some awful distorted information at one time or another. I say now, "No longer will I blindly fall for and take bait for the 'hook, line, and sinker.'" My motto instead will strategically be, "Hook, line, and FINGER!"

*gentle smile* (I feel a bumper sticker comin' on)

PIP that!

(some of you will still get the "PIP" part)


Passing on a story or breaking news just because it's cute or sounds right at the time is no excuse for blatant ignorance. Not checking your sources out first very well may discredit what you next present because people will be heading off to SNOPES (.com) before they even begin to take you seriously. Is this really how you want your character (your personal ego/filter) to be developed and known for? I didn't think so.  Be careful not to become the NEXT VICTIM of your own desire to get the story you feel important out there first.


...my online moniker is Sunpar and I approve this message...


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