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This Last Week Or So Has NOT Been A Picnic

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September 1 my car was smashed into a tree by a guy working on it, On September 10th my truck was stolen and found in the early morning of Sept 12 stuck in a ditch on highway 30 . Both are now in a junk yard !

Now I am out of both and left with a 250 Yamaha motorcycle if I can get it started . Lets talk about bad luck . I didn't do anything to get bad Karma rocking .

It's a conspiracy agents truthers !  :conspiracy:


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You jest, but I believe in the spirit realm (i think you do too from what I've read, but I don't like to presume too much), and so there in perhaps God was showing you off Job style to Satan. Your good humor about all it seems to suggest a pass, and ofcourse, it could've been worse, but we'll be greatful it wasn't.

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