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Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering - V.1

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 rbear    240

Suppose we can't rule that out - I didn't get a very good look at what was going on, did you ? mzwarrior1

I've never heard of lightning in a sand storm. I'm certainly not complaining. DS

last 40 min is what you should watch about geo engineering about Kurzweil. MR.Wordsworth

 Maybe you should watch this ? you may look at things a little different.
and I do believe this is going on it can be the only answer to what is going on. MR.Wordsworth


Very informative video.... I have read quite a bit about nano technology - scary shit in the wrong hands; which Is exactly where it's at !
Red Blood cells being dropped from the sky to change our DNA - satan, and his minions are bastards -
As in The Days of Noah - this is what the fallen angels were doing back then; changing our DNA (animals as well)
Messing with vibration, and our electromagnetic balance.
The Book of Job, The Book of Jasher, & The Book of Enoch tells us much; we would be wise as serpents to take heed.
Next step for me - how to rid our bodies of these foreign particles. Perhaps through Artisan Sea Salt - or Volcanic Ash full of natural restoring minerals ?
Unbelievably wicked minions carrying out satans plan of trickery and illusion to drag us down to hell.
Like a lion gnashing his teeth, and prowling constantly after us -
Heavy metals in the body are very bad - 
HAARP needs to be Shut Down just like CERN - 
May the Lamb have mercy on us - mzwarrior1 . watch the last part about the 30 min about the Jew Kurzweil. MR.Wordsworth

last 40 min you will. fast forward thru. MR.Wordsworth



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