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Wikileaks Israel? Wikileaks FSB?

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 rbear    240

Before I post this, I must say Webb says Gordon Duff is plant. Gordon Druff says stew webb is plant. I can only say some of his stuff is true. Probably some of it is not, maybe. 


Wikileaks and Stratfor, Israel Busted Again

Wikileaks is a Front for Russian Intelligence?

 Several countries have already said the US government are behind the leaks. Russia today gave an interview with someone who said that hundreds of thousands of documents aren't leaked without government approval at some level (I heard the same thing, same as the snowden documents Is WikiLeaks a CIA/Mossad Front?  


Lastly, how can you honestly call yourself a "truth-seeker" or "truth-promoter" and be ignorant about 9/11 truth unless you were purposefully protecting someone or something? (What Julian Assange did)


So obvious WikiLeaks is a fake cointel operation. Everybody was in the conspiracy except for Israel according to Wikileaks. Like all the “secret information” they leak, Israel is always strangely absent despite the fact a retarded ape could see their involvement easily.


WikiLeaks releases 3,925 diplomatic cables about Israel 08/24/2011 18:43 Whistle-blower site publishes unclassified US State Department documents on peace process, Vatican-Jewish relations, terror attacks. http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/WikiLeaks-releases-3925-diplomatic-cables-about-Israel 

WikiLeaks Is Israel
By Gordon Duff  http://rense.com/general92/wikisrael.htm

either way, interesting stuff on the below sites, cryptome.org says also wikileaks is cia, why they don't work with them so idk. If I didn't close the link, I will re or edit to include it. Posting this stuff now just in case power goes out (it did yesterday around this time)

https://cryptome.org/ interesting site

interesting site wikileaks.org



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