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Things Grandparents should NEVER do :P

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 AceMan    24

Things that grandparents should never do :  (according to MSN)

Ignore social media etiquette : Agreed, A grandparents photo may be legally child porn.

Suggest baby names : Disagreed, the grandparents have the right to communicate with their children, who happens to be pregnant.

Buy major gifts without consulting the parents : Disagreed, The child should have the right to benefit from a relationship with their family.

Expect to be present in the delivery room : Agreed, her healthcare is none of the grandparent's business.

Force beliefs on the grandkids : Agreed, this isn't 30,40 or 50, or even 60 years ago, and the child needs modern beliefs, those that can be shared with his peers.

Leave parents out of the loop : Agreed, the custodial parents should know where the kids are.

Play favorites : Disagreed, The grandparents are not the parents and they don't have anywhere near the responsibilities to the grandkids, that parents have to their kids.

Make moms feel guilty about their feeding style : Agreed, This isn't the 1950s, this is 2015.
And women's breasts are not genitals, they are a feeding mechanism, that is infact becoming slightly vestigial in a lot of women, because of misuse, and not being used.

And the grandparents need to keep their inbred sexism to themselves.

Air Mom and Dad's dirty laundry : Agreed, the kid doesn't need to hear bad stories.

Send everybody on a guilt trip : Agreed, they had their time... now the parents and the grandkids should have theirs.

Ignore set diet rules : Disagreed, IF the diet rules are born of a FAD, like a Sugar-Phobia, and NOT a scientific, medical reason.


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