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Dr. Evil

Must see: Steele interviews Cassidy re Secret Space Program

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A+++ rating.

A brilliant executive summary overview of the program, which I assume Steele is planning to present to Trump. 


50 mins.

Questions are:



1. How did you get started down the road with Project Camelot?

2. What is the secret space program and where are we on a secret government of Earth?

3. When and how have Nazis infiltrated NASA and where are they grouped within NASA today?

4. Who are the best of the whistleblowers and what is their psychology and ethical disposition?

5. What is the relationship between the Deep State, pedophilia, Satanism, and the Reptilian agenda?

6. What is a supersoldier, how many of them are there, where are they based, and why do they matter?

7. Extraterrestials — how many races, which ones are active here now, what is their agenda?

8. How important is time travel and portal/stargate technology? Did we have a set-back in 2009-2012?

9. How important is artificial intelligence or what I call it, artificial stupidity? Is the 5G grid actually a clear and present threat to all of humanity?

10. Tell us about what you call “war of the worlds.”

11. Describe the Illuminati at the highest levels and tell us briefly about their agenda.

12. Who are We the People? What does it really mean to be human, what is the rebel gene, and how do you explain the failure of all of the targeted nano-technology embedded in vaccines, the chem trail seeding of activatable particles, and so on?

13. What is our future? Start with now to 2020 and then give us the big picture going out 200 years.


Her answers are stunning.

For a long time after following her and Bill through the original Camelot days, I just thought she was an irritating interrupterer. But she's a truly serious player, you won't believe what she has to say. 

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