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Dr. Evil

Is Wasserman Schultz a CIA agent ?

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Deepening House Scandal Guaranteed to Bring Down Democratic Party…Before It Destroys the GOP

Mainstream media ignores unparalleled Democrat corruption while fixating on fake ‘Russia collusion’

What the nation is now experiencing is a full-blown C.I.A. black operation.  The U.S. Intelligence Community knows that the purposefully planted ISI espionage cell (i.e. Awan brothers et al.) has been outed.  These black ops are routinely executed in any country that is about to become the victim of a full-scale color revolution (now known as the ongoing Purple Revolution).  Everything about Awangate smacks of the CIA’s well-known MO—contract out the most precarious espionage work to foreign intelligence agencies (e.g. ISI) so that the C.I.A. possesses plausible deniability should the op be exposed.  Now that this critical piece of the CIA’s unlawful surveillance of the US Congress has been revealed, The Company is desperate to quash an investigation any way they can.  This is why the fabricated “Russia collusion” story simply won’t die, and seems to get even bigger with each bogus non-story. Because the C.I.A. literally owns and operates every major MSM organ of propaganda, they completely control this utterly fake narrative.  However, given the CIA’s flagrant criminality in spying on Congress utilizing foreign intelligence agencies, they will not – cannot – relent in pushing the many transparent falsehoods about ‘Russia hacking’, etc.  The Company knows that it would go bankrupt in a day and night should the true back story be widely disclosed about Awangate.

All the evidence points directly to fired DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the CIA’s point-person in this ongoing crime spree perpetrated in collaboration with Pakistani brothers Imran, Abid, Jamal Awan, as well as their ISI associates. Wasserman Schultz was the DNC Chair during the totally corrupted Democratic primary. The highly incriminating leaked emails from that extremely sordid period of US presidential history speaks volumes about the lack of ethics exhibited by the disgraced chairwoman. What’s quite shocking is the degree of naked criminality that Wasserman Schultz boldly displays even to this very day.  It’s as though she has a power standing behind her that permits her to act with utter impunity. 

What has been very strange throughout this multi-month CIA-coordinated crime wave is the complete lack of response by any Democratic member of either the House or Senate. Given the profound compromise of private communications sent to and fro within Congress, one would think everyone involved would be demanding investigations and resignations. The rather muted reaction by the Republican side also gives reason to believe that this black op is controlled at the very top of the D.C. power structure. Furthermore, that Awan retained an attorney long associated with the Clintons is of particular interest. Why else would the Democrats do so much to protect an ISI agent and transparent cyber-criminal unless there was much more at risk than meets the eye? 

The longer this saga continues, the more is breaking out in the open.  Slowly but surely, more investigative journalists are looking more deeply into the many unprecedented irregularities and extraordinary lapses in this episode of congressional security breaches. However, no matter who is doing the investigating, everyone seems to hit a wall. There is an inexplicable info blackout beyond a certain depth of crucial research.  That’s how the CIA controls all of their black ops.

Like so many other serious scandals throughout the Obama era, Watergate pales in comparison to Awangate. The sheer depth and breadth of official criminality which directly concerns national security is breathtaking. What is much more breathtaking, however, is the lack of initiative and will to do anything about it. The leadership of both parties is either AWOL, out to lunch, or there’s simply nobody home. That the Republicans have permitted these grave transgressions to go relatively unscrutinized for so long reflects complicity at the highest levels of Congressional leadership. In other words, they are all obviously controlled by the same shadow government.



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