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Trump Attorney: Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Scandal Linked DIRECTLY to Obama White House (VIDEO)

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An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow said on his radio show Tuesday morning that he discovered an email connecting the Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton Tarmac scandal to the Obama White House.

This is a huge development as it proves how much they were panicking internally as the Obama administration fiercely worked to spin this meeting to the public after denying involvement.

Jay Sekulow found an email directly connecting the Obama White House to the AG Lynch scandal. Sekulow also played a clip of then-Press Secretary Josh Earnest denying involvement. This is an incredible discovery by Sekulow and his team as they uncover more lies about this tarmac meeting.



:gsbrnint:  Video is pretty good! 

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Sessions better hurry up with the re-opened investigation into Hillary's "carelessness'" over the server, lest the whole stinking mess just spills out all over the floor and the sheeple don't believe it when they're told (tommorow by the look of it) it was just a minor infraction and yes, people are inside right now serving time for doing the same thing but this is different so she won't be going. Case closed. Move on. Nothing more to see.

P.S. Don't believe those conspiracy nuts, they're not the same as the DOJ. We use evidence and they don't. What? Yes, I know it's an email. So what. Chain of custody people, chain of custody.

Next question. Wolf?

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