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Extremely Odd. What do you make of this.

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6 minutes ago, yeppers said:


I saw this on another site. Not sure what it is . I hope its ok to post a direct link to the forums post.

Not sure what to make of it. What ya think? Is it code or what?

If this isnt ok to post, please feel free to delete.



We've got that link blocked. But for those who want to find it they can search "Initiate z73892639 at 202758. Majestic pandora"

- It is odd but I'm not sure what it actually is...

Here is a tiny snip for everyone else!


"Wild Asian" playing the cards.
5h 45.6m +28.94°

ameAlain Aspect Field of InfluenceQuantum Theory Name Field of InfluenceQuantum Chemistry
Name David Baltimore Field of InfluenceVirology—HIV & Cancer Name Field of InfluenceComputer Programming
Name. Allen Bard Field of InfluenceElectrochemistry Name Field of InfluenceComputational Intelligence
Name Field of InfluenceComputer Science (WWW) Name Field of InfluenceMolecular Medicine


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5 minutes ago, yeppers said:

Sorry. I couldn't figure out why the link was not posting correctly.  

Don't worry about it. It's purely because I've blocked it. Business.

Info still stands though. So thanks for sharing! You never know when you'll find that gem!

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Maybe some of that Crypto Illuminati shit, if so....if you ain't illuminated & indoctrinated, you ain't getting enlightened, thus left scratching your head, sitting at the back of the bus with the rest of us! :gsbrnint: 

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@The Gent

Yep, it looks like some craziness! Been looking at it for 10 minutes now trying to figure out some connection to all the names or fields of study.

Guess i'll just hang out here at the back of the bus, close to the fire exit. :gumface:

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Yeah came across this on the other site and since the thread was blocked I couldn't resist digging a little deeper....lol

The post itself doesn't make much sense.

obviously 5h 45.6m +28.94° = a galactic reference point for the constellation Auriga

The list of people all seem to be Nobel-prize winners or highly respected scientists

"Automatic trigger. Collect code final 50 deliver to ark./Automatic trigger. Collect code SSX deliver to ark." doesn't make much sense only that the popular EA game SSX has 50 achievements you can unlock.

"Deliver to arkship at tongass chugach humboldt-toiyabe" is actually a national forest in the US..

And 6EQUJ5 is ofcourse the "wow signal"


All of this doesn't make much sense until you dig a little deeper into the account of the poster. This particular member has been on ATS since the beginning and has posted only 4 posts. The other posts explain a little better what kind of delusion this member is living in..


Long story short, he is convinced aliens have been running the show and if I understand it correctly somewhere in the near future (100 years after President Truman) they will return and a secret society should have fulfilled a list of demands or face total destruction...


anyway it's a good read and I hope he'll consider publishing it if he ever gets back to reality...



"Pandora Tomorrow Alpha 221a final.

I will explain everything, how this ties into Ebola.
This will be my last post. As feared and expected, I made some noise with my last post. I am in trouble. I have only a few hours to live. I chose this path for myself, only deciding to speak out after my last relative died a month ago. They have no one left to kill, intimidate, slaughter, butcher, or maim in my family. They only have me. And they are coming for me.

I have a lot to reveal. First of all, from the technical side. I am piggybacking and spoofing my open internet presence. I have it set to look like I am making this post from someplace else. I decided to use a commercial VPN that is available to everyone, Hotspot shield. Where I am we have technology that is not available to the public. I am using technology available to the public right now for a very specific reason, it is a final insult to those who are coming for me. In the bunker where I am right now, 43°40'12.0"N 74°34'19.4"W we have amazing technology that is at least 25 years beyond what I ever thought could exist. I used to be a humble community college student in Wisconsin. I had an account here years before the change over. Never did I think my life would change after being young and dumb, trying to challenge the security of Area 51. I used to be SirMouse on the old boards.

I was locked up without any legal representation for over 4 years, where I later found out was an underground detention center that can hold 12,000 individuals. It is located under the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. There, I was given a choice, to be executed or to be recruited. Both required myself to abandon society as I knew it. I had no idea what they wanted ME for, after holding me for 4 years. I chose recruitment.

Then my world completely changed overnight.

As some of you have suspected, Science fiction, in specific television broadcasts have been secretly, but openly, preparing humanity for first contact. The three Science "fiction" movies/television shows that are almost scary in how truthful they are in many respects to the real reality of humanities cosmic place currently are: Men in Black, Aliens franchise, and specific elements of Star Trek, in particular being looked over and groomed by a group of aliens which in the fiction are called Vulcans. The amusing aspect is that all they did years ago was reverse the name of the actual aliens who have been overseeing our development since they created us in their laboratories. They are called in english Snacluv. Unlike the Vulcans in fiction, the real aliens called the Snacluv are not quite as benevolent. The shadow government was force created under the barrel of extinction by the Snacluv. They gave us a choice, follow their program to the letter or be wiped out literally in hours, the entire human population. The joint meeting of the prominent world governments at the time, the United States of America, China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom witnessed firsthand what the Snacluv could do. FDR at first tried to resist them, it proved to be utter folly. They had no choice. Ever since, we have all been following a charade, the visible world known to everyone where we elect Presidents and Prime Ministers, fall in love and have babies, and generally live our lives. The reality is that everything is controlled by the shadow world government and is being directly carried out based on the 42.3 million pages of 'instructions' the Snacluv left the JPWG over 70 years ago.

The Snacluv left for 100 years, leaving their automated um.. what we would call autonomous drones. They monitor our compliance to the directive accords the Snacluv left us. Every UFO case that has not been a hoax ( 13.4% of all cases were verified internally at shadow ) were the sightings or encounters of the Snacluv drones. They are here right now, there are over 3,000 of these AI controlled drones. Their technology is 11,821,000 years in advance of us, they can and do travel between the stars. They have mastered it. I have not seen their technology firsthand. They have visited Earth for a very long time. Earth is in their territory. They in fact created humans. They create a lot of life on thousands of worlds.

The sad fact is we do not know why they are angry with us, but they are. Furious. They are dead set and made it clear to Roosevelt that they would kill their creation, wait 10,000 years, and try it again. The last experiment they had in this system was on what we call Mars.

Mars ended badly. Mars had nearly 19 billion people on it, it was wiped out by the Snacluv. They did not tell us why, but that if we wanted to see what would happen if we did not follow their directives to point our telescopes at Mars.

So how does this tie into Ebola? Wars? Famine? Technology? The current Ebola event was directly orchestrated by the shadow. Shadow is a loose term that describes the people behind the scenes that work day after day, every day of the year, to follow the plan the Snacluv have given us. We only have 30 years left before they return. Only 34% of the goals have been reached they told us to achieve. Shadow thus began the final push to bring the USA into terms. The USA is the blocking factor in this, they took the lead during first contact with the Snacluv but the way the USA was set up is unlike anything in the history of the world. Freedom and individual rights are directly counter to the implementation of the directives, so slowly ( and soon very quickly ) the USA is being dismantled as we have known it. Remember, humans are not native to this planet, we were created and deposited here. We do not fully 'fit in'. We never have with the natural balance of the planet. They gave us the directives, but left US to choose how to achieve the goals. This was their flaw, and why I know humanity is doomed. July 20th, 1945 is when the big 5 met in secret, formed the shadow government to implement the directives. There is a reason why there are 5 permanent members of the United Nations. The United Nations has never been about their public mission.

Some ask me, where is this 'shadow government'. It's simple, it is hidden. They all hide in bunkers, massive bunkers that dwarf where I am right now. They are all located deep under National Forests in the United States. They are located underground in China, France, United Kingdom, and Russia. Russia has the most at 242 bunkers, their largest being 23 million square feet. The largest bunker in the world the shadows have is in the Nantahala National Forest, in the United States. It is a staggering 43 million square feet. There are 4 generations of shadow families who have never left the bunkers. They are self sustaining and have technology that is at least 70 years beyond what is available to the public. I know of one bunker that is fully powered by 1 solar panel that is 3 feet by 3 feet in size, in the middle of a national forest. The solar panel generates 245 megawatts. The latest technology has a postage size stamp that can generate 800 megawatts. It seems like a dream, but part of the directives that were left to us left crude puzzles we had to decode. Basic ways to go. Someone in the Snacluv left them as help.

I have decided to publish the directives, I have the entire copy here. It has full timelines, everything. It is 1252 TB in size, I have broken it down to 600 GB chunks that the public can download. Here is the lin"


This is where the posts ends and obviously no link in the original post



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Sure...I'll download 1252 TB of stuff to get a better perspective.  Hope it's in zip files.  I wonder if it's available on DVD?  :gsbrnint:

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