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Veterans Today - Cities in US with highest radiation levels in the past week

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 rodstad    39

Some cities have 2500% higher than 'background radiation' . Here is the latest recordings list in the US. From reliable sources. Which I have monitered for years since the Fukushima disaster. America is totally irradiated. Your atmosphere, your water, your soil, your food is radioactive ! Particulary  in the west coast. Glad I live in Melbourne Australia far away from this shit. Here is the latest CPM and gamma radiation data. Shocking to say the least. Yet no one murmurs about this, no one talks about this, the mainstream media is silent, the politicians groomed by the nuclear fission lobby are silent, the 'scientific community'  are all silent. OR SILENCED! 


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 BunBun    291

I sure miss Citizen Perth. He's such a nice guy. I guess I'm taking some rads today. I will have to tell my son we are being irradiated. He will think we need some Radaway. 

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