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Leaked Doc: Merkel Government Covering Up Migrant Influx Ahead of Election

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Leaked Doc: Merkel Government Covering Up Migrant Influx Ahead of Election

The Merkel government is apparently covering up the extent of the ongoing migrant influx ahead of the country’s general elections, a leaked police document published in German newspapers suggests.


Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly rejected the idea of securing Germany’s borders. “In the 21st century, closing borders is not a sensible option,” she said in her statement to the German parliament at the onset of the 2015 Migrant Crisis. “[W]e must resist the temptation to revert to acting as nation states.” (My, what a good little internationalist communist she is, wouldn't you say)

German weekly Focus quoted sources within the police, saying, Germany’s Interior Minister had “instructed [them] not to publish the report” that could highlight the growing migrant influx, just 50 days ahead of the German parliamentary election.


According to the media reports earlier this year, Merkel had struck a secret deal with the Erdogan regime to directly fly in 150,000 to 200,000 migrants each year from Turkey into the EU, without bothering to consult other European member states, let alone European voters. Merkel and the EU bosses are backing a centralised migrant ‘relocation plan’ to settle these arriving migrants across Europe. German politicians have threatened the East European states with punitive sanctions and penalties for opposing migrant relocation.

The decision not to secure Europe’s outer borders is not a matter of logistical improbability, as it is often sold to gullible European voters, but a well-thought-out ideological position. Merkel and her political allies in Europe won’t let popular opposition or democracy get in the way of their social engineering project to ‘diversify’ and ‘enrich’ the continent of Europe with mass migration from Arab and Muslim countries.

More and a video in the link......



As the article states, this "German" election will determine the fate of Christian Europe.

Let's hope and pray they choose wisely.........


Angela Merkel visibly disgusted by German flag Throws it away during celebration.


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The goal is to genocide white nations, so the old Empire can easily rule a brown planet. The talk of communism and globalism, is bullshat. Trace the loyalties and who bows to whom, and it all fits together.

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