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This Water Wheel Lets You Pump Water Without Power

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I found this interesting and thought that I would share it here .

A device originally created by H. A. Wirtz in 1746, is today being used for irrigation purposes and for drainage of lands. It can deliver water to a greater height, can be built and repaired easily at a very low cost, and runs without electricity.

Wirtz water wheel, as it is called, uses the energy of flowing water to move water through a coiled pipe as it spins, thus continuously moving water through the coils. As water moves through the coil, each column of water moves under pressure to the next column of water. That keeps it moving without any kind of electricity to power it. Depending upon where you set the output pipes, you can move water from a creek to your field without electricity.



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What a neat idea. I wonder how far of a run it can push the water? Can it push it uphill?
That really comes in handy for supplying water for a man made fish pond.


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