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Mueller Probe Going Nowhere, Blll Still Report

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 marlowe    1,582

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Synopsis: According to Alexander Mercouris writing in his blog called “The Duran”, the so-called investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller is going nowhere – so nowhere that investigators – once inside the investigation – find out how inconsequential are the scraps of evidence being investigated – they take out private insurance against the risk of lawsuits on down the line.
Mueller apparently has three lines of investigation that he and his cadre of pro-Hillary prosecutors are working:
1. General Flynn’s interactions with ambassador Kislyak and his financial dealings with RT;
2. the meeting between Veselnitskaya and Donald Trump Junior; and
3. the money-laundering allegations against Paul Manafort.
Mercouris says that virtually everything there is to know about #1 and #2 is a matter of public record now, he believes the only real investigative activity is against the tangled financial dealings of Manafort.
Mercouris challenges a CNN article written on this very topic last Friday. He says one sentence from the CNN article characterizes their bias concerning this story:



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