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That Time the US Government Purposely Poisoned Thousands of Americans

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That Time the US Government Purposely Poisoned Thousands of Americans

Often, the State feigns repentance for its past crimes, from the genocide of Native Americans and slavery to even some of the CIA’s corporate coups. Small paragraphs — and sometimes even chapters — discuss these atrocities in public school textbooks, if only because they are so widely-known that institutions can no longer ignore them — lest the government’s illustrious stated goals of educating the citizenry be questioned. Still, many of the State’s most sinister secrets remained buried.

On New Year’s Day, 1927, hospitals in New York were flooded with people dying from poisoned alcohol — alcohol made toxic courtesy of the very same government that had made the substance illegal in the name of keeping the public safe. One hundred years later, this abhorrent historical anecdote is so obscure it reads like a paranoid, unsourced conspiracy theory in a dubious internet forum.

Regardless, 41 people did die that New Year’s Day, and estimates suggest that anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 people were killed by government-poisoned alcohol in the 1920s — and the deaths were a direct result of policies the government imposed.

Read the whole post : http://anonhq.com/that-time-the-us-government-purposely-poisoned-thousands-of-americans/


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