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AWAKEN! Earth's Resonance Frequency Is Accelerating with More Alertness Appearing

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 Ukshep    17,196

A good little listen! Things are changing! Took everyone else long enough to catch on.. Being tracking the spikes since they started. One of the first to attune :)  One of the First to gain access!

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 Dr. Evil    1,422

Yes there's an awakening esp in the post-millenials. The younger you are the less you're encaptured in the matrix, the more open you are to alternatives.

Perhaps this is why they've been pushing the initiatives faster and faster, its like they sense there's an ending in the timeline. In terms of the sheeple I'm not personally seeing much difference in them. I think even though they're having doubts, they have so much of themselves invested in the matrix what this shift is doing both from things like this and from the evil ones increasing actions, is make them cling on tighter and tighter to what they know.  

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