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Obama Administration Suffers "Significant Defeat" in Court

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This week, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. issued what even The New York Times acknowledged constitutes "a significant defeat for the Obama Administration." 

Although liberal partisans immediately struggled to minimize its importance, the Times characterized the ruling as one "that poses a new legal threat to the health care law and gave congressional Republicans a victory in their claims of executive overreach by the White House." 

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has demonstrated a chronic inability to persuade the American public toward his policy point of view.  From ObamaCare at the outset of his tenure to his current nuclear capitulation to Iran, which garners just 21% support in a new Pew Research poll, one cannot identify a single instance in which Obama has moved public opinion in his favor via his mythical persuasive powers.  On this critical job component for any president, Obama has simply proven woefully inept. 

Read the whole post : http://cfif.org/v/index.php/commentary/42-constitution-and-legal/2756-obama-administration-suffers-qsignificant-defeatq-in-court


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