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Tax writers see peril in Trump's Obamacare persistence

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Republicans acknowledge that the aggressive timeline they have set up for overhauling the tax code this fall leaves them little room for error.

There could be one problem with that: Obamacare isn’t going away.

President Donald Trump has dropped hints that he might stop the Affordable Care Act’s cost-sharing reduction payments, through which federal funds flow to insurance companies to keep down coverage costs for low-income people.

At the same time, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the health committee chairman, is working with Democrats on potential measures to shore up the health care law.


This is why nothing will ever change. Everything always justifies leaving important things alone. They are against us all!

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Trump's tax plan is not going to be put into effect. It's going to fail just like the Obamacare business failed. The Republicans are democrats and there is no ability to agree on anything in the Senate. It's going to fail. I don't know what will happen to the stock market as it becomes obvious that the corporations aren't going to get their taxes reduced, but overall, it would be a really bad idea. Rest assured, however, that nothing is going to change. If anything, taxes will have to go up. Probably they won't get the debt ceiling raised by September 29 and there will have to be another sequester. When I was working for a medical laboratory as an insurance biller, we had elderly people on Medicare who had had lab work done. We would get the explanation of benefits from Medicare and it would say that the patient had to pay because of the sequester. We would then surprise bill the patient who had no recourse because of what Obama had done. It's going to get messy. Trump is going to have to hit them where it hurts and that means hurting all of us too because the Senate is lousy with Democrats and Socialists. The fat lady is warming up about now. 

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