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Uncle Thanky

the Age of Aquarius

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 Uncle Thanky    947

I am 1/2 way thru the video @Cinnamon posted at Link

This raised a question about the "Age of Aquarius". Here's what I found...

earthsky.org says: "The Age of Aquarius starts when the vernal equinox point moves out of constellation Pisces and into Aquarius. When will that be? There’s no definitive answer."

This Dude says: "we are in the Age of Aquarius and have been in the Age of Aquarius for centuries."

Any thoughts on the matter?

P.S.: The "500 years ago" thing pops up again.

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 dazedb42    282

I'm the aquarian child of two aquarians born under an aquarian north node.....when I develop aquarian powers I'll assume we've hit it. LOL.

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