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This looks like a forest, but it's actually just one tree — and it's one of the oldest and largest organisms on Earth

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 Cinnamon    26,056

Think of a tree and what comes to mind probably has some leaves, some roots, and a trunk.

But not all trees follow that formula. Some form what are called clonal groves: swaths of forest connected underground by a single network of roots, with each trunk genetically identical to the others.

The most famous example of a clonal grove is Pando, a grove of quaking aspen in Utah's Fishlake National Forest.

Its name means "I spread" in Latin, and for good reason. Pando is among the largest and oldest organisms on Earth. Its 47,000 stems cover more than 100 acres.

It's tricky to tell exactly how long Pando has been around, since the individual trunks only live up to 100 or 150 years. But scientists estimate Pando is at least 80,000 years old — and possibly more like a million years old. Those estimates are based on how quickly aspens spread.

Scientists have sequenced the genome of a couple dozen shoots of Pando and confirmed the main swath really is a clone, with very closely related but not quite identical trees surrounding Pando proper.



There's a connection with this "giant organism" and the NWO, I read about it before but I forgot, maybe some of you know. Aspen Institute..

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