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Tillerson to North Korea: We Want Dialogue; Their Response: America is on Knife's Edge of Death

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 ShockJock    35

Just days ago, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a calm and logical assertion to North Korea, saying "We are not your enemy, we do not seek Regime change, we do not seek an excuse to send our troops north of the 38th Parallel; that we seek dialogue.  Today, North Korea responded to our calm, logical request by telling Donald Trump “wave the white flag now” (of surrender) or they promise to deliver “gift packages” to the US. (Nuclear-tipped missiles.)




It is well known that North Korea has already sent sleeper cells, who arrived in the US bearing either China Passports, or forged South Korean Passports.  They're living among us, in peace for now.  But their orders are to attack our infrastructure - electric grids, water supplies, railroads, highway bridges.

If commerce gets disrupted by such acts of sabotage, it may not be possible for trucks to get through to re-stock food supplies.  

But there's a darker problem:  These North Korea sleeper cells likely have WEAPONIZED SMALLPOX virus, to release here in America.  If they perpetrate such a biological weapons attack, entire towns may have to go under QUARANTINE for a month or more to halt the spread of this deadly disease, since we stopped vaccinating Americans in the 1970's.  


Full Story Here


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