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The refugees no one wants

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by Steve Goode • February 26, 2016

In South Africa, White Boers are forced to live in shanty towns because the post-Nelson Mandela era isn’t as “rainbow” as was promised.

For over a decade, laws have been in place which deliberately put Whites at a severe disadvantage when looking for work. 400,000 White South Africans now live in poverty, almost one out of ten.

White South Africans who are lucky enough to find work, must worry about being raped, tortured and murdered if they work on farms.

Things are so bad that a presidential candidate had to promise “never a white genocide under our rule.”

This particular camp is in Munsieville, near Johannesburg. There are about 80 more camps full of outcast Whites in the country.

They want to leave, but most cannot afford it, and few countries are willing to take more than a handful. You will not hear about these real refugees on the TV because they are White.

The mass media won’t document the suffering and farm murder genocide of White South Africans because it does not fit their narrative.

White people are supposed to be the oppressors who hold all the power, and we are nasty as well because we don’t want our countries to become “rainbow” nations . . . like the “rainbow” nation South Africa is supposed to be.

Our own governments and ruling classes are trying to bring about the “rainbow” by moving millions of non-Whites into every majority White country on the face of the planet.

It’s not “diversity” if you eliminate a race of people, it’s genocide. This is White genocide because we White people are the only ones who will lose our countries.

SOURCE: http://whitegenocideproject.com/the-refugees-no-one-wants/

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There's a white shanty town in Krugersdorp, that's kinda west of Joburg. On google street view you go through I think it's Coronation park, not sure, but you see a nice little shanty town. The thing is, the white slums are still far better than any of the African ones. In that little white slum they had a garden planted, looked like they built a small school as well. 

You go through Alexandria on streetview, looks like some piss poor third world slumhole. It's so funny too, because within walking distance from Alexandria is the richest area in all of Africa,  Sandton. 

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