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Truth BWY

Proof: Roseinstein, Muller & Comey Are Deep State 'Weasels'

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 Truth BWY    18

Stupidity continues to prevail as AG Sessions and the 'spineless' Republicans let 3 Deep State, Democrat, buddies take over the investigation to take down Our President! 


'Weasel' Roseinstein knew exactly what he was doing when he put this (treasonous criminal ) Muller ( Hillary's uranium Mullet.. depletion and financial rewards )  in charge of this investigation. And Comey and his brother working for the Clinton Foundation (DOCUMENTED) I'm sure you can find some proof this weasel's involvement in this criminal activity, too. And he is most likely 'leaking' the Mullet and Comey team all the information they need from Sessions DOJ. These three have been buds for a long time and have been watching each others backs in every crises involving their criminal activity, for years!

Roseinstein should be fired and arrested for aiding and abetting (knowingly) false accusations (High Treason ) against Our President and the financial cost that has occurred from this Democrat and their 'Left-Stream' Media ..'WitchHunt!'

AG Sessions should 'step down' for letting this occur in the first place. If he can't vet his people any better than this.. he should not be in this position. Besides.. President Trump needs a 'Pit Bull' not a 'Poodle'   going after these kind of 'corrupt' government liars and killer criminal's.

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So is Trump.

The Bushes, the Clintons, and the Trumps are all good friends, as are Soros and the Koch Brothers.

They're all more interested in serving Bibi and King Salman than they are their compatriots.

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