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DHS Targets Library for Supporting Anonymous Internet Browsing

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 rbear    240

A library in New Hampshire caught the attention of the Department of Homeland Security recently after joining a project aimed at protecting the privacy of Internet users across the globe. As reported by Propublica’s Julia Angwin, the incident began last July after the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, New Hampshire, became the first in the country to set up a Tor exit relay under the Library Freedom Project. This allows users of the Tor browser to hide their true location, and if used correctly their identity as well, by having their Internet traffic routed through random relays all over the world. etc cont

tip: If you think you may want to, if you log into anything, anyone can sniff the end traffic (rogue node) and then get your pw and do whatever with. If you decide to use something like this, be sure you fully investigate. I would not trust this softwear unless behind another privacy service etc. The government uses exploits to masquerade their bad things such as exploiting the browser/extensions/etc on the tor service itself, as with other non tor browsers. I dug into this issue alot and posted about it and was immediately attacked, ddoses, malw ared, troj aned, man in the middle attacked, and some other things. It is true the government is totally rogue (not all but the largest majority of it).

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