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Planet X

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 CSB    2,152

In the video below, what has long been suspected should now serve as confirmation even to the most uninformed skeptics out there. The planet is precisely where it has been said to be, it has the reddish colored cloud around it which is said to be a cloud of dust iron oxide red, making the rivers and lakes acquire a reddish color. To a simple guy like me, all the conformation I need that Planet X, or Nibiru is real, is the fact that previous efforts were taken to remove any evidence of the planet from Google Sky. Last I checked, you don’t have to doctor footage of things are not there.


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I have been researching Planet X all year. It is what brought me to this site.

In fact, my avatar is a pic of what I considered to be a possible candidate for Nibiru. (It's not)

Unfortunately the Google Sky missing panel/Planet X thing is a hoax.



Missing Star Panel – 5h 53m 27.0s -6° 10′ 58.0″             “Winged Object” – 5h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″


"The area coordinates for the particular missing panel are, and have always been, at 5h 53m 27.0s -6° 10′ 58.0.” If you view this same coordinate today you’ll see that this panel, which is in the constellation of Orion, is still missing."

"It is critical for the reader to know that the Google Sky Map is a 2007  digitized composite of the 1994 DSS database films. Wakey, wakey folks.  This “winged object” image was captured on film in 1994, which was then digitized for use on the Internet in 2007, as is clearly shown in the following excerpt from the MAST – Catalog and Surveys Group website:"



The panel is still missing. I just looked. It is a pain in the ass to navigate to the coordinates that's why people don't do it.

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 Cryptic Mole    4,519

Google has now removed the dark black box that covered that area, and now
you can outright see it.

Hell, ISIS scares me much more than planet x does. At least I can see planet x
coming in, but to be honest, I don't believe in planet x anyway. If it ever does
come though, that will be years away in my opinion.

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