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Does Video Prove Paul Walked Killed by Drone Strike?

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 rbear    240

This past weekend, I took a break and went and saw Paul Walker’s last movie he was making before he died, “Fast and Furious 7″   It was one heck of a movie and I highly recommend it by the way but it’s not the subject of this article.  I really liked Paul Walker.   If there was even a small chance of foul play being involved in his death then I think it must be discussed and investigated.  It’s never disrespectful to question the official story when it comes from known liars after all.  I did this story so others could see the video that appears to show a missile hitting his car.  I had never seen this until this past weekend when I just happened to see it in a Facebook post!  


Did a missile fired from a drone Kill Paul Walker?

Here’s the video that seems to show two frames of drone missile hitting the car!  When the henchman of the “Tip of the Spear” guy came out and said this video was “debunked” and the object was a “light pole” I KNEW he was full of it!  After all, the henchman works for the Illuminati gatekeeper also tied to planners of 9/11 who has run away from the truth on 9/11!    Look at this video and you decide!  Does this look like a light pole!  I think not!  Why did the henchman lie? article continues



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 RabidWolf    1,080

I think the only thing that video shows, is that you can't see anything clearly from that camera's point of view. :/ 

Were it a missile from a drone strike, there should have been reports of the missile's vapor trail in the sky.
(besides, a bomb on a timer is still an easier and more effective means of disposal for opposition to TPTB)

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