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This FBI Cointelpro Agent Fooled Entire Alternative Media and YOU!

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These are two very important interviews that shatter the myth and completely expose the king troll of the FBI COINTELPRO program who infiltrated the entire alternative media and fooled almost everybody including me at one point or another!  When I first woke up I saw this man give a talk in Pensacola, Florida.  He said he was a “retired” FBI agent and he was now exposing the “truth” but as you’ll now see, he was actually an Illuminati demon in disguise!  He was gathering information from whistleblowers and having them arrested or neutralized in one way or another!  You’re going to hear  the shocking confessions of this Illuminati agent’s wife, Bruce Campbell and Stew Webb in the interviews below.

I’m not going to name this man in the article because I’ve discovered that certain names set off the censoring algorithms in social media and this story must go viral so just listen!  I guarantee that you’ve NEVER heard any of this information before, especially if you listen to Alex Jones or Jeff Rense!    In fact, both Alex Jones and Jeff Rense still support this FBI cointelpro agent to this day even though both have been told of his crimes!  Why has Alex Jones and Jeff Rense never told the shocking truth about this traitor they helped promote?  This is a question both men must answer since innocent men were put in prison by the man they promoted!  We must never follow or support liars or those that hide the truth.  The truth is clear, there is no doubt about the information in these interviews.  


The alternative media must send this story viral to correct our collective mistake of promoting this man!  I really need all patriots to go extra wild on this one because this man fooled so many of us!  Send this article to your Facebook walls, groups, twitter, social media and your email lists.  We can never move forward until we fix our past mistakes.  I know most of you have shared something promoting this Illuminati double agent in the past as I have done!  The question now becomes, will you make up for it but sharing the truth about him now?  I know I can count on most of you to help bring out the truth on this man that did so much evil while being heavily promoted by almost everybody in alternative media.  

Here’s just some of the things covered in this interview about this man promoted heavily by the alternative media!

Acted as a honey pot to draw in whistleblowers and then turned in their names to have them handled, some of these whistleblowers disappeared and were never heard or seen again in fact!


(vids, txt etc)

Guys sorry if I post alot, so much to cover. Info that if I don't post, I won't be able to go back and post later due to the backlog on "things to research". I hope you all are enjoying and learning a lot. Every day I learn so much...

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