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Arnie L

China's slowdown takes its toll

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 Arnie L    28

This in reference to the endless array of unoccupied buildings / residences:

"Tens of thousands of flats here lie uninhabited, part of the estimated 70 million unsold homes that have been built across the country, for a middle-class population that never showed up.

The Chinese government says this is all part of the plan to move from an export-led economy to a modern one based on services."

Because the US losing its manufacturing base to foreign competition and relying on a 'do you want fries with that' (I mean, service) economy has worked SO well. Bwahahahahahahah

Full story: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34179806


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 rbear    240

I looked into this and it was builderberg. They were kicked out of Afghanistan after this video. (coming soon)

posting now bc pc is locking up will edit/reply

In Kabul and a few other urban centres, big houses and businesses are being built. Many believe that these lands and properties belong to those Afghans who escaped their country during the years of war and violent conflicts and have not returned yet. According to the Afghans I interviewed, the warlords [3] who killed raped and terrorised the population for years, are now working with some foreign contractors, confiscating these properties and building big houses and businesses for themselves. etc cont

Wasted U.S. Spending in Iraq (and Afghanistan): $53 billion and

Counting (lots on corruption here link <--- )

WARNING: Travelling in Afghanistan is extremely dangerous and is strongly discouraged. The current Afghan government has little control over large parts of the country; in particular, most of the South and East including Kabul is effectively a war zone. Threats are unpredictable and the situation remains volatile.

Trips should be meticulously planned and travellers should keep abreast of the latest security situation throughout their stay. If, despite the risks, you still find yourself heading there, see War zone safety and the "Stay safe" section below.


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 rbear    240

Your Taxes Pay The Taliban




China seeks to build a city and economic zone in the state of Idaho http://www.examiner.com/article/china-seeks-to-build-a-city-and-economic-zone-the-state-of-idaho

Think about this for a second. Between 1901 and 2000, the U.S. built an entire interstate highway system, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hoover Dam and just about all of its skyscrapers -- to name just a few concrete-intensive things. China did all that, and almost half again, in just three years.

On his blog, Gates suggested that all of this concrete had helped pull Chinese out of poverty. But all of this building has also left China with a huge and dangerous property bubble, massive ghost cities and empty housing.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/13/china-building-bubble_n_5491527.html

China building mega cities but they remain empty And In Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJTvGss1sic 


In China, New Sustainable Cities Are Rising From Nothing

China is planning a building explosion of dense, sustainable suburbs, connected to its megacities by public transit. Can these "prototype cities" alter the course of the country’s unsustainable development? 


Cappadocia-underground cities built when we were monkeys? Underground cities of Goreme n Cappadocia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jddMgv_46l8


Rebuilding Afghanistan Remains Challenging Five Years After Invasion

[Sorry, the video for this story has expired, but you can still read the transcript below.

We don’t know how many there are. Certainly, they’re in the many hundreds, possibly even the thousands. They seem to be quite well-equipped and armed. And the question, of course, is: Where are they getting all that money and those weapons?

They started out doing a lot of hit-and-run kind of sabotage, ambushes. Now they are really trying to take and hold territory, as well as having introduced this horrific method of suicide bombings. There have now been dozens of them across the country.

GWEN IFILL: Now, that’s something that didn’t exist before?

PAMELA CONSTABLE: No, this is something very new for Afghanistan. In the previous conflicts, even including the Taliban, the conflict that overthrew the Taliban in 2001, this was unheard of. And that’s why many Afghans say, “Oh, it couldn’t be Afghans doing this.” Well, we don’t really know who’s doing it.

GWEN IFILL: How extensive is their control?



PAMELA CONSTABLE: They don’t really control territory, but they have the power to harass and do military assaults in fairly large areas of the country.

GWEN IFILL: So when we say “Taliban,” we’re not thinking about it in the way that we thought about it when the war began five years. The Taliban then controlled the government; it ran the country.


GWEN IFILL: That’s not what we’re talking about.

PAMELA CONSTABLE: No. This is a renegade force, which, as you said in your introduction, everyone thought was vanquished a long time ago. But for the past year, they’ve been rebuilding their forces, they’ve been occupying the void left by inadequate government in many remote parts of the country, rebuilding their forces, and started coming back very strongly in a number of areas.

They’ve killed many, many people, both with suicide bombs and regular military assaults. And the situation is really very difficult.


GWEN IFILL: Let's talk about places like Kandahar, which for a while had rebounded and now seems to be sliding backward again. You've been there.

PAMELA CONSTABLE: Yes. I was there about a month or so ago, and I was quite shocked, because, you know, over these five years, Kandahar had gone from being the birth place of the Taliban, where everything was, you know, very, very different, to slowly starting to come back.

A lot of construction going on. A lot of international aid groups. Women elected to parliament from there making a big splash. And things were looking really very good, until about six to nine months ago, when you started having much more serious violence there. And now it really is a ghost town.

I mean, this was a city that used to be so bustling that there were constant traffic jams. And when I was there a month or a month-and-a-half ago, there was no traffic at all. People simply were not in the streets.

Construction has really come to a halt. Many of the foreign aid groups are no longer operating there because it's too dangerous. And so the fear is that this second city of Afghanistan, which really was starting to make a comeback, may slide back into oblivion. etc http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/asia-july-dec06-afghanistan_10-10/

I give up guys, there was a video showing China building Afghanistan cities during the war. Not long after it came out, it was said it was the builderbergs doing it. Later it was pulled off the web (I looked so far for over an hour, nothing, not even the report of "stopped construction". Thankfully I ripped the videos to my knoledge and the articles, however I don't have access to them atm so may update thread when located.







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It's politically incorrect to say that the Oriental mind is inscrutable. So I won't.

I'm not so sure this overbuilding was a miscalculation. Considering their locations, these cities may have been built as housing for the after-time. 

It reminds me of the movie, 2012. The survivors of the earth disasters got on Chinese "arks," floating refugee camps that eventually brought them to safe locations in Africa. Ginormous debts for construction will all be washed away in the cataclysm, so governments have no problem spending tax money, which really is nothing more than promises written in thin air.

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