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Conspiracy Theorists Bad News For Global Warming

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 Liberty    4

Study claims exposure to information that goes against the consensus of global warming activists "negatively influence pro-social desicion-making"

"In much the same way that advertisers use psychology to make consumers want their produces, an entire industry has sprung up around ‘global warming’ to discredit naysayers, study why people are rejecting the theory, and develop new methods to get people to buy their product.

Don’t be mistaken, global warming is a product.

For instance, in a recently released study performed by Sander van der Linden, “The conspiracy-effect: Exposure to conspiracy theories (about global warming) decreases pro-social behavior and science acceptance”, he tells us that he found exposure to information that discounts global warming as a human effect on the environment tends to make people “significantly less likely to think that there is widespread scientific agreement on human-caused climate change, less likely to sign a petition to help reduce global warming and less likely to donate or volunteer for a charity in the next six months“.

The key to this study is right there in the abstract: less likely to donate to a charity. Just like any industry, global warming needs money. Money for propaganda, money for studies, money for the politicians, money money money."

More at link: http://biasedpropaganda.com/conspiracy-theorists-bad-news-for-global-warming/

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 rbear    240

Carbon deposits from prior time show carbon to be way less now than it was in the past. I didn't reference the material because it was an audio and I am having a hard time keeping 30+ tabs open, much less keeping track of it all on my crappy pc. Anyhow, 1st line. 

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