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Everything is a CIA Front! Militia Founder Blows Up Alternative Media!

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Bruce Campbell, father of modern militia Blows up Alternative Media!

Bruce Campbell, who founded the modern militia movement, dropped huge bombshells in his interview with Stew Webb on his new network, Veterans Truth Network!  Bruce is a super patriot that pulled no punches in this one!  Bruce unmasks the KING of the FBI trolls that infiltrated alternative media and collected names for the Feds with the help of Alex Jones and Jeff Rense who promoted this man and still proclaim their love of him to this day!  This interview will rock alternative media to its core and MUST be spread around the world by all patriots.  Those that promoted this man that Bruce names in the interview must be made to answer for their crimes against patriots including David Hinkson who sits in jail for life because of him on totally bogus charges.  This man tried to kill Stew Webb in a SWAT raid!  This man actually admitted to murdering a Black Panther by writing a fake love letter and creating a fake love triangle!   You’re not going to believe what you are going to learn in this interview and how most patriots were told this man was a hero by the “leaders” of the fake alternative media that censor and refuse to this day to report the truth about him!  

I’m not going to name this man because it sets off the censors in social networks like Facebook but most of you will instantly recognize him when they discuss the infiltration of alternative media by FBI and CIA operatives in the interview.  Before this though you’ll hear SHOCKING information about Oklahoma City and much more  you’ve never heard before!





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