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Unlimited Free Energy Here Now! Three Devices Tested and Verified!

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This hydrogen produced by (SHT) is done using very low power levels which means that just a few solar panels could generate virtually unlimited hydrogen!  This hydrogen would be enough to power an entire home with lots left over!  The system will be able to be scaled down for vehicles too as you’ll hear in the interview below.  But right now this system could be powerings homes, businesses, Aircraft Carriers, Cargo Ships, anywhere you have enough space for the machinery.  You could generate massive amounts of hydrogen and burn it in an engine directly to do work or you could go all electric and get a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity and use the electricity to do the work.  


For example, you could theoretically have a bunch of these devices and put these in an aircraft carrier and power the propellers with large electric motors and fuel cells and provide all the electric power needed for the ship.  You could generate the relativity small amount of electricity to generate this massive hydrogen from solar panels and store it safely in hydride tanks.  The entire top and sides of the aircraft carrier could be a solar panel with the Solar Roadway technology.  They wouldn’t have to spend any money for fuel!  That savings alone could feed every person on this planet easily!  The fuel would come from the sea water because this system uses any type of water!  Think of how many billions of dollars would be saved just in the US Navy alone!  Spread the word about this incredible technology.  We’ve been lied to about free and low cost energy for well over 100 years.  We’ve had many technologies capable of getting the planet off oil but they haven’t been allowed by the scumbags running this planet who are greedy and evil.


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