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Cop Exposes Illuminati Pharma Death Industry To Congress!

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 rbear    240

This is a GREAT video to share with all your friends that haven’t woken up yet about the Illuminati controlled medical industry controlled by the evil Rockefeller family.  The Rockefellers created the M.D. system to push Big Pharmaceutical drugs they controlled and stomp out all of God’s natural cures.  They funded medical schools with their Illuminati money but made them give up all natural cures and push Rockefeller pharmaceuticals!  

The first part of the video shows a cop testifying in front of Congress in 1996 about how his daughter was killed by the bad advice of the medical system who only push chemotherapy instead of natural cures.  Did you know that Dr. Coldwell reports that people that do chemotherapy are only permanently cured less than 2% of the time while if you do nothing you survive over 20% of the time!  So doing nothing for your cancer is actually 10 times more effective than chemotherapy!  



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