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Hebrews VS Jews – The Shocking Truth You Don’t Know!

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 rbear    240

The radio show above was so HOT that the bad guys hacked VeteransTruthNetwork.com and brought down the network so Stew Webb could not bring out even more information on this topic last night!  They also jammed his Skype!   This is the information the Zionist controlled opposition in alternative media such as Alex Jones have spent 20 years hiding from you!  David Duke’s interview with Alex Jones started a firestorm on the Internet and fully exposed Alex as a Zionist shill.  It exposed Alex Jones so badly he took the interview off Youtube because he was being destroyed in the comments!  The comments on the Alex Jones – David Duke Youtube interview are running 98% against Alex Jones and many of these were from his former fans!  Everybody is waking up to these Zionists who are the fake Jews or Synagogue of satan mentioned in the Bible.  Of course Benedict Arnold Alex Jones still says the Alison Parker shooting is real when it’s been proven fake seven ways to Sunday on VeteransTruthNetwork including the FAKE gun they used that did not shoot like a Glock because the gun used for this hoax shooting was a prop!

Stew Webb, Eli James and John Waterman Tell the Truth Alex Jones and the controlled opposition hides!

Listen as Eli James, John Waterman and Joel go over the shocking information hidden from everybody!  I know as a Christian I’ve been brainwashed and learned a lot in this program!  You’ll never hear more truth as in this 52 minutes of hardcore truth on how we’ve been lied to while these fake Jews have taken over the planet.  In the end, only God knows who can be saved and who can’t be saved.  All I know is that if you deny Jesus Christ you might as well join the Illuminati because you’re going where they go in the end!   If you accept Jesus Christ you have eternal life!  God promises this in his word and God cannot lie!  

These fake Jews talked about in this show are running DHS and have plans to kill as many Christians as possible in the FEMA camps in the future.  The fake Jews run the Federal Reserve as David Duke proved much to the dismay of Alex Jones! The fake Jews killed over 60 million Russians during the Bolshevik revolution so you better learn about them!  


& in case u didn't know below

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In less than the first minute, "Jews are not God's chosen people, they're Satan's chosen people".

*sigh* We're really testing that willingness to entertain. But oh well, okay let's check all this out. 

Minute 3 - The Lost Tribes are Caucasian. 

Wow. Okay. That's not correct at all. The caucasian race came from Japheth, whom Noah prayed for. This makes sense. Think about it, Ham was cursed (continuing the "Satan Seed Line") Shem inherits, and Japheth is prayed for. Well, Shem is the Isrealites, whom Jacob will come from. And it's Shem's line that continues the Messiah line. This is important. Because when God says 'Chosen People', this line of blood is what he's referring to. It runs clean back to Adam and Eve (the 8th day + creations) and is who God promises the Messiah will come from in the scripture. As for praying for Japheth, who is in his seed line? Magog. Where is Magog? Cacaus mountains. What does Magog do? Pisses the Lord off with pagan practices. How has God always felt about Japheth's blood line? Because in the scripture, i read it as, "Their hearts burn to worship God, but can't find me from the hole in thier own backside". In other words, we are a spiritual people, that really love intently in our faith. Look at the Vikings for proof. Valhalla or bust, while looking good doing it (google what it took to wear the pimp styles of a viking. it was alot.). But we lose track of the truth, the Lord, and so he prays for us to see him. Sends his Word to us, aka Jesus.

Now that that is outta my system, i can continue.

4:20 - Admits that Jews are specifically the tribe of Judah. Judah was part of Isreal, no matter how much this guy thinks it isn't 

7:00 - Starts to build up how the Edomites are the false jews. He's right. Also that the Talmud comes from the false preachers. How someone can know that much about edomites and not know about Shem's blood line and Japtheth's is amazing. 

26:41 - Fallen angels as the serpent seed is false teaching. Those daughters of men were the daughters of Cain. Those Sons of God were the sons of Adam. It's all very clear in the scripture, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

28:55 - Calls for a race war. Classy. 

29:45 - Claims someone can't be saved. According to the Word, that's the quickest way outta the book of life. God will forgive him, but I hope he learns before costing someone salvation.

31:00 - I am at a loss for words. It's like Darwin fusioned with Duke -.-

32:15 - The first curse was the fruit. Eat the fruit of this tree, and you shall surely die. Funny how they are twisting that scripture just a lil. I know a guy who does that. I call him Lou. 

33:30 - Esau was a white guy, just so ya know. It's why the fake jews are all "white". Because Esau was white. Clearly says so in the scripture. 

35:51 - "We really got to get away from that 'humanity' word" = *laughs* Ofcourse we do e.e. Who dehumanizes again? 

38:00 - Did... did he just quote Hitler? I think he just quoted Hitler. 

38:40 - Tell that to Goldberg. Who's Next!?

40:06 - "You can't seduce somebody without sex. Atleast not that I know of."

*We now cut scene to this man's wife.*

Me: On a scale of 1 to 10, how exciting is your love life? 

Wife: Love life?

Me: You know, the romance. The revving the engine. The stimulating the most erotic organ known as the brain. How's that rate in your home?

Wife: Oh...um... 7?

Me: And if he wasn't listening?

Wife: 1. 2 on Valentines.

Me: *Just nods*

42:22 - That's because it's a religion, and a bloodline. Read the OT. It says one can join the house of israel by keeping her laws and practices. Christ died because as it states in Malcai - I'm over the whole burn offering, I want real love. Not some tradition you do outta habit. So Christ dies so we don't have to have fake service to the Lord anymore. He knows your heart, and if you follow that first commandment or not. Second. Shem, was brown. Like mideast tan. Jews, Israel, w/e term you prefer it's better than the way those three chaps are slinging it around. 

43:15 - That's racist.

50:33 - In Nazi Germany, yes. New York City. Not so much.

50:36 - The Jews didn't kill Christ. Sorry if that hurts anyones feelings. First, it was the Pharieses, who wern't even really anything but usrupers who turned the temple into a gambling hall and the talmud into a best seller. Second, Rome can add in the whole "washed his hands of the matter" all it wants, but a) Who witnessed that shit. Did Jesus tell Mark when he got back how it went down? b) Isn't it convienate that the empire that would later conquor under the cross would be absolved of murdering the Savior they now claim to worship. In reality, we all killed Jesus. Everytime you sin, you make the Cross nessicary. Be thankful for that gift, don't Lou twist it into some kinda deal that you need to repay or earn or whatever. It's a gift. All ya gotta to is believe in heart and confess with mouth that Christ is Lord, and thou art saved. I know, cause Jesus said so.

51:35 - Shill it, baby! 

The only part they got right was the 20 minutes I had nothing to say. Yes, the Khazaar royal family and thier constituents are the Synagogue of Satan that goes all the way back to Edom. That said, I believe there are many God loving Khazaars. Pastor Anderson is a Khazaar and he brought you the video "Marching to Zion".

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