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illuminati media reviewed by stew webb jim fetzer 8-11-15 WOW!

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 rbear    240

The most info (revealing) in 44:31 min. illuminati media reviewed by stew webb jim fetzer 8-11-15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkRebFmKUt

Covers stock market manipulation (how), mortgage securities fraud, bailiout fraud, bohemian grove, etc. I would recommend anyone listen to this. I'm just in 16:34 min and I had to come post this for all to see. Its truly wow! Also when hearing this info, they are talking about the Zionist Jews/not the real Jews. I only wish lots of these people would show not all Jews but the Zionist Jews (fake jews). Also Denver Colorado (I think home to one of the Illuminati airports). Bless all those who stand for the truth. While I don't agree that we should do nothing, please further your study in the bible/what it means/lost books of the bible etc. I really wish I could spread this message to everyone as there are lots of people who don't know them because? 

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 rbear    240

Illuminati Mafia Revealed and Named! Death Threats Over This! (found source where the video was posted)

Illuminati Mafia Revealed and Named!  

This type of information is only found on VeteransTruthNetwork.com and is why Stew Webb and Gene Tatum have been threatened with death!  Recently Chip Tatum was illegally detained at a federal facility and they told him over and over again that they were not going to allow him to continue broadcasting and they would kill him, Stew Webb and their families!   

If you’re still supporting the “controlled opposition” not telling you this type of information then you might as well go join the Illuminati because you are helping them by listening to their operators paid to hide this from you and blame the nameless “globalists”!   Stew Webb names people you can go look up!  He’s been fighting these people for 30 years!   Listen as Stew Webb tells you who has built a FEMA transfer station and where it sits right now waiting.  You’re helping them exterminate all of us if you’re listening to anybody censoring this information!  

cont (source)

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