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Khazarian Mafia & Its Mass Media vs Puny Humans

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Goodbees made a good thread about the Khazars. She must have gone into seclusion to do more research. She opened my eyes to a lot of things. I wish she would come back and tell us what she has come up with.

I am a science ct-er, thinking that all ct derives from Nasa. Believe it or not, our politics and religion and everything else are mind control mechanisms. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. You would not be here if you didn't think some version of the Matrix exists and pulls our strings.

I really don't understand the Khazar-Jew history. Who were those mysterious people who have gotten their teeth and claws into our brains? Not the people who live in Israel. They're pawns of the Zionist-Rotschild-Rockefeller masters of the world.  The real Khazars are a whole different bunch. 

This new site, that someone sent me yesterday, is superb at connecting the dots that we discuss here. 


Regarding one area that I post about, satellites, is this except:

"The Khazarians saw an opportunity to make a ton of money by pushing the space meme. At some point a scheme was hatched to fake launch satellites into space for profit. NASA also became a tool to constantly remind humans of our insignificance in the boundless cosmic order. NASA has been beating the divinity out of us with pseudoscience, propaganda and spiritual delineation. In other words 'control.'"

I haven't read all the pages yet. And it seems so far to avoid talking about aliens as possible reagents in Khazar dna. 

I think Advanced Beings are involved with us today, aka the Archons, the Demiurge. Even if you don't accept that otherworldly possibility, you can still address the topic of the Khazar Illuminati as Masters of the human domain.

As always, I stand for correction.


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