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Mainstream Media Continues to Conceal That Kentucky Marriage License Clerk Kim Davis is a Democrat

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Kentucky marriage license clerk refuses to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples even after the Supreme Court rules against her, all because of her Christian beliefs. She now is saying that she is taking a “stand for God” by continuing to resist, almost certainly forcing a judge to hold her in contempt soon. And what did everyone in America say?

Never gonna get it, says Kim. A hard-working Democrat doing her job to the fullest of her ability.

Those crazy Republicans. Tea Partiers. Christians that take it too far. Conservatives.

Well, it makes a lot of sense to think that way. Kim Davis, the Rowan County marriage license clerk, an elected official, has all the hallmark signs of those things, and yet, she is a Democrat. She was elected by the people, a Democrat in Kentucky. It’s a matter of public record, and yet the mainstream media has worked overtime to make sure that fact never appears in any of the news stories. You would think other Democrats would be down on Davis, and yet they don’t seem to know this is one of their own either. That’s right, people. The last holdout in America against gay marriage is a Democratic marriage license clerk in Kentucky.

Read the whole post here : http://commonsenseconspiracy.com/

I find this Davis ordeal gives me a chuckle . Two enemies standing toe to toe . Religious verse Political ideologies is enough to make one's head spin . 

The best part of all this is the fact this Davis lady is a Democrat; a sharp stick in the eye of her comrades in crime the democrats .

Added note :  I pick on all politicians Democrat and Republican being they are no more than two opposite legs of the same beast .     

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The poor lady. Mind you, I'm not registered in any party or church, and I think the US is a puppet regime of the NWO. Good people used to say their priorities were God, Family, Country.

Nutso is the new normal. If bestiality becomes law, a clerk will have to give a license to a man and his dog. Or a brother and sister. If it makes you happy, what right does the state have to interfere, etc.

It's too bad the lady isn't in the Tea Party. That would be a lot more interesting news story. Posters argue about doom -- next month, never going to happen, whatever. I dunno, maybe it's happening now, coming in tippy-toe and not with a loud bang.


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 rbear    240

My "worst of trolls" post is bang on!

Through a mail box, not the message window, Chimeragothic wrote:


In 2004 the people of Kentucky passed a referendum to add a constitutional amendment disallowing gay marriage licensing and also to not give legal recognition to gay marriage. I sent a letter to judge David Bunning reminding him of this and asked him to do his job and let the clerk out of jail and dismiss all charges. I then reminded him that the Supreme Court does not possess the power to legislate from the bench. That power is reserved to Congress and since Congress has NOT legislated a gay marriage statute, THE KENTUCKY CONSTITUTION TRUMPS THEIR VERDICT.

I also reminded him that as an agent of a foreign principal (anyone who possesses a British Accreditation Registry or BAR card), that under the Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1938 he must register as a foreign agent with the DOJ and I asked if he had done so.

I would think he might think it wise to actually follow the Kentucky Constitution. We shall see.

My comment: I was not blowing smoke when I posted the following "worst of trolls" post below, it is BANG ON, AND APPLIES FULLY, just as I said it:

The worst of trolls


The worst of trolls, filthy lying scumbags, are hitting the county clerk topic and attempting to ram rod "contempt of court" through as a legitimate reason for jailing her for refusing to marry gays. They are opening a slippery slope, ON PURPOSE, to completely de-ligitimize Congress and the Presidency, and replace America's lawmaking with only one branch of government - non elected Federal judges. This is a cold hearted effort to subvert the entire nation with a few planted perverts, flaunting the title of "justice".



To combat these trolls, copy and paste this into any thread or comment section where you see them trolling this topic:

It is real easy to make a case when all facts are not presented.


_______________is an enemy troll from a subversive force that has invaded America and wants America destroyed.

There is no Federal judge that can simply make a law and force the states to follow it. This bypasses the constitutional check and balance system, where it needs to pass all 3 branches of government to become law. There is no law in America saying all states have to accept gay marriage. Though legal precedent has been used as an excuse (successfully) in the past to sway subsequent court proceedings, it's use is often dubious and NEVER goes outside of the court rooms where subsequent cases are heard, to use the ruse of "legal precedent" to actually initiate a warrant and force an arrest of people that never saw court is a complete violation of separation of powers.

The trolling on this topic, in support of jailing this clerk is part of an enemy subversion force which has done all it can to make Americans ignorant to the way their government is supposed to function.

In addition to no law enforcing gay marriage, other than that which people allow via ignorance, the county clerk, as an elected official, had a right to object regardless of what any judge said. To disallow this is a violation of states rights, as well as a violation of an elected official's rights to represent the public that elected that official.

These professional trolls are counting on people being stupid, and are counting on the American people simply allowing America to receive the final flush.


It will be a bad bad day, the worst of days, when any judge can write law and apply it to all people on a whim, this is what a dictatorship is, and if these trolls succeed in bashing people into the kind of stupidity it takes to accept this, a dictatorship is precisely what the American people will have. THIS IS A TEST CASE, TO SEE IF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY HAS REACHED A STATUS WHERE THEY CAN JUST HAVE ONE OF THEIR ASSIGNED JUDGES SAY SOMETHING AND HAVE IT BECOME PUNISHABLE LAW, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

To allow them a free pass on this is exactly what will open the Fema camps and be the death of all Christians. To let them get away with this is precisely what will make a true tyranny possible. This is the slippriest of all slopes, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

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 rbear    240

Jailing of Kim Davis

This cannot be done. You cannot jail Kim for refusing to issue a marriage license to gays on moral grounds, because she is an elected official, put in place by public choice as a protector of public interest, which means that her actions and opinions matter. Jail is not an option, if anyone disagrees, IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS are the appropriate action for defying a judge, and since the public vastly agrees with her not marrying gays, THERE IS A FAT CHANCE ANYONE WOULD EVER GET HER IMPEACHED.

She HAS TO be let out of jail IMMEDIATELY, incarcerating her illegally and unlawfully just to push an agenda is something that can be criminally prosecuted in reverse, whoever is doing this had better watch their steps.

America has an immune system put in place by checks and balances. Kim's elected position provides the balance, no judge can usurp that balance. Wishful thinking and hoping from Kikedom that they will ram rod this without protest, I have put reality on the table here, DO NOT let them get away with this.

Jail a woman for STANDING UP FOR THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC FROM HER ELECTED POSITION THAT GAVE HER THE RIGHT TO, all the while Hillary, the number one espionage agent in American history runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off, free to blood stain anyone and anything. That fits when COMMIES RULE!

A solid nuking is the only answer when commie kikes jail women for not fronting for their perversions.

Gaydom is a fringe perversion pure and simple

I am not one bit bothered by calling gaydom a fringe perversion, unlike what we are told, gays are not ten percent, five percent, one percent or even a tenth of a percent of this society, they are lunatic total fringe that only a moron would give creedence to, absent a totally corrupted non representative court system and a good bluff on TV, gays are nothing at all. Consider this: How many openly gay people did you see this month? Perhaps one or two, unless you have an unusual circumstance. How many straight people did you see this month, total? thousands I'd bet. If it was ten percent, as stated, they would be openly overtly EVERYWHERE ALWAYS, and they are not, they are about as common as people on crutches. They truly are fringe, I have only known about ONE, EVER, in any circle of acquaintance I have ever had, and that equals FRINGE. How many have you actually known about for sure, within any circle of acquaintance during your life? There is your real number.

Considering how much impact the Jews have handed them in the schools and other public venues, their poor long term success rates in gaining long term recruits proves they will always be fringe, if they have not won by now they never will because they CANNOT "FIX" NORMAL.


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