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EU Powerless to Stop Mediterranean Migrant Crisis Without Gaddafi-Style Leader

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Of late, the EU has launched a series of measures aimed at stopping or at least slowing down the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean, including a ban on the export of rubber boats to the African country of Libya.

According to a Norwegian researcher, though, the EU's measures are rather meaningless, as human smugglers cannot be stopped.

According to researcher Morten Bøås of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, it requires more than a ban on rubber boats and a strengthening of the Libyan Coast Guard to stop the human smugglers operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Firstly, it's not just about Libyan smugglers. Instead, there is a combination of various actors ranging from Ethiopians and Eritreans to the Italian mafia and international gangs, Bøås pointed out.

Secondly, even if some of the networks were to be stopped, new ones will always pop up in their place, as the demand for illegal trans-Mediterranean travels is sky-high.

"Why even bother with cocaine, when profits in people smuggling are much higher and it is much easier to avoid being taken. Those who regard the migrant crisis as a purely trafficking-related problem and believe it can be stopped are wrong," Morten Bøås told Norwegian national broadcaster NRK.

"I believe many countries are still hoping that a new strong leader will grow, similar to what Libya had during the Gaddafi rule," Morten Bøås aruged.



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Gaddafi's son is on the loose. People are calling for him to take over Libya. And I think it will happen. Gaddafi was correct and I think his son might be more cruel than Gaddafi was suppose to be. His son has learned the lessons well. And he also knows what the rewards are. He will be more than willing to stomp a boot on anyone that gets in his way IMHO. 


The wiki on the dude. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saif_al-Islam_Gaddafi

This is an excellent article. And right on the money about that traitor Hillary Clinton. Her ass should be up on international war crimes. Where is the international community on this stuff? Why are they not demanding her head? Sad, frigging sad... Hillary will burn in hell for her crimes. :angry:  It is calling for Trump to recognize Saif Al-Islam as the ruler of Libya. 



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